Custom Funko Pop

One night I got board (nothing on Netflix I wanted to watch), so I opened up Blender. I decided I was going to make a Funko Pop style model of my brother.

I used cubes for everything. Adding subdivision modifiers and loop cuts to round out these cubes. Mirror modifiers where also used in order to save the time of shaping things into place on both sides of the model.

After getting the basic shape done, I moved to making a Vinyl like skin material as well as beard hairs using actual colors I pulled from a picture of my brother’s beard.

About 3-6 hours into making this model, I decided to cut corners and moved the stumps of the arms out of view, textured the body using blenders tools, and slapped a decal from the OKC Thunder onto the hat and shirt of the model.

Here’s the final results using Cycles:

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